UV Flame Scanners 45UV5-1101

  • UV Geiger Muller lamp
  • Optical range 210 nm (190 – 270 nm) – Solar blind
  • For clean gaseous and oil fuels
  • Good discrimination capabilities
  • Self checking with electromagnetical shutter allows continuous operation
  • Sensitive to UV absorbing substances like ashes, coal, unburned oil, water or steam
  • Used with self checking Fireye amplifiers 25SU3-5166/5168 or 25SU3-2000
  • When used with 25SU3-5166/5168 powered by amplifier
  • When used with 25SU3-2000 needs separate Fireye power supply
  • In case of possible scanner overheating, long distance to flame or tilting burner the fiber opticassembly is available
  • Wide temperature range -40 to +93C
  • Available explosion proof housing ATEX Ex d IIC T6
  • Approvals: FM, DIN, CE with amplifier
  • One of the most popular scanners in the world