Integrated Burner Control BurnerLogixTM

    • Microprocesor-based burner controller and integrated boiler control
    • Modular construction
    • Automatic sequencing ot the boiler system start and stop 
    • Full modulation control of fuel and air through the firing rate motor 
    • Multiple lead/lag operation of two or more boilers
    • Works with scanners UV1A6, 48PT2 flame rod 69ND1 and self-checking scanner 45UV5-1007 
    • Keypad display system module in either VFD or LCD version, display 2-line x 16 characters featuring all info display mode, program and review of the system setpoints and operating parameters 
    • Remote display available
    • The smart LED's on the front cover provides operating status and lockout information
    • Non-volatile memory which allows the control to remember its history and present position
    • Solid state sensors to monitor steam pressure and water stack and outdoor with selectable thresholds for limits and interlocks 
    • MODBUS communication via RS 485 multi drop
    • Supply 230VAC
    • Surface mounted on wiring base 
    • CE marked