Gas Igniters FORNEY MAXFire®


FORNEY MAXFire® gas igniters from Model 110 of capacity 50 kW to 440 kW up to Model 145 of capacity to 15 MW.
The ignition source is high energy spark igniter FORNEY HESI 90 built in fixed.
MAXFire® gas igniters are very reliable because the design incorporates the “protected primary combustion zone”. The ignition process starts inside the guide tube away from the burner environment resulting in an extremely stable and reliable igniter - it is almost impossible to blow away the flame in boiler or heater operation.
No moving parts, no adjustable parts and self cleaning tip - low maintenance requirements.
MAXFire® gas igniters are well proven on many sites in power & utility and industry: refineries & petrochem, chemical.



Flame stabilization in
the “protected primary combustion zone”