Industrial Fire Detection Systems

Our company offers complete fire detection systems including: fire detection panels, various fire detectors, MCP-s, optical and acoustic signaling devices. The systems may be designed for standard applications as well as for explosion hazard zones and outdoor applications.

Among others we offer fire detection systems manufactured by Det-Tronics:

Detector Electronics Corporation – company specializing in hazard detection systems for special responsibility installations with high fire & explosion hazards present.

Since established 30 years ago Det-Tronics has gained the world market leading position in the area of industry installation optical fire flame detection in explosion hazard zones. The use of most modern technology in optics and electronics and the consistent developing of a series of detectors specially designed for various applications makes it possible to select detectors for practically any application.

Det-Tronics devices are used worldwide, including Poland, on many industrial installations in explosion and fire hazard zones.

 The applications cover: oil and natural gas mining industry, fuel storage and distribution installations, refineries and petrochemical industry, chemical plants and explosive production plants, painting instalations, civil and military hangars, munition production & storage, turbine and generator installations.
Below you will find a range of detectors in our offer, manufactured by Det-Tronics.

We offer the newest family of flame detectors - type X, designed for vide range of applications:

These detectors are characterized by high use and configuration flexibility, the capability of cooperation with most fire detection panels available on the market, as well as a possibility of individual adjustment to a specific installation needs including: potential false alarm sources, required reaction time, threshold value, required output signals etc.
They are equipped with a selfcheck system based on a unique optics cleanness control system Optical Integrity Oi, they have an event memory, highly developed signal processing procedures and diagnostic functions. X3302 flame detector is specially designed for hydrogen flame detection without false alarms of UV detector.
These detectors have, according to EN54-10, first sensitivity class, and the X3301 detector is unequalled as far as the detection range is considered, which is – for a test fire about 70 meters with practically no false alarm sources. A similar resistance to false alarms is typical of the UV/IR detector with a smaller range. The remaining detectors also have sufficient false alarm resistance, which enables them to be used in a majority of industrial applications.

The protection class IP66 allows using them in open spaces in various climatic conditions.
All the devices are designed for work in explosion hazard zones and have certificates of conformity with ATEX in category II 2 GD Exd IIC.
The detectors possess all necessary certificates.
All type X detectors are  IEC 61508  SIL-2  certified or designed to meet at least Safety Integrity Level  SIL-2     see  SAFETY AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT LIST by EXIDA

The warranty for the detectors is 3 years and for the X3301 and X3302 even 5 years.

IR flame detector PM-5MPX
We also offer a dual spectrum IR detector type PM-5MPX for special short distance applications:

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