Triple IR Flame Detector Type X3301 Protect•IR


Flame Detector X3301 Protect•IR represents the new technology in flame detection - Multispectrum IR.
It utilizes advanced multipatented signal processing algorithms supported by 32-bit microprocessor to provide very high level of continuous protection in the presence of potential false alarm sources.
This is detector with the largest range of detection coverage combined with the highest level of false alarm immunity.
It features a detection range for a 1 square foot n-Heptane fire of 70 meters on-axis, and 50 meters 45 degrees off-axis.

Detector is equipped with microprocessor-controlled heated optics with automatic, manual or magnetic optical integrity (Oi) testing. 
Exposion-proof housing is suitable for hazardous areas as well as for indoor and outdoor applications in very harsh environment (IP66).
Three relay outputs: alarm, fault and auxillary. Version with 4-20 mA isolated is available. MODBUS RS485 communication in standard.
This is the first flame detector IEC 61508 SIL-2  certified by EXIDA.

Typical applications of X3301 Protect•IR:
  • refineries and petrochemical plants
  • oil and gas mining, transportation and storage
  • production facilities
  • loading racks
  • turbines and compressor stations
  • hangars
  • special production

Approvals and Certificates:



  • 5 years, sensor and electronics