Triple IR Flame Detector Type X3302 Protect•IR


X3302 Protect•IR Flame Detector uses newest Multiple IR technology to detect non-carbon-based flames especially hydrogen flames without the false alarms associated with traditional UV technologies. It detects IR emmission in water vapor band because non-carbon flames produce only little CO2.
The X3302 overcomes the limited detection range and false alarm problems of traditional technology detectors by employing multispectrum infrared (MIR) technology - detector uses X3301’s multipatented signal processing algorithms.

The result is much higher flame sensitivity with descrimination of false alarms in comparision with traditional flame detectors. At the same time, the detector is completely solar blind and insensitive to electrical welding, artificial lights, lightnings, arcs and “blackbody” radiation, which all are still weak points of other detection technologies.
Detector is equipped with microprocessor-controlled heated optics and automatic, manual or magnetic optical integrity (Oi) testing.
Exposion-proof housing is suitable for hazardous areas as well as for indoor and outdoor applications in very harsh environment (IP66).
Three relay outputs: alarm, fault and auxillary. Version with 4-20 mA isolated is available. MODBUS RS485 communication in standard.
Designed to meet at least Safety Integrity Level SIL-2  according to EXIDA Report.

Typical applications of X3302 Protect•IR:

  • hydrogen fuel storage and transportation
  • hangars with hydrogen fueled vehicles
  • refineries hydrogen processing and storage areas
  • hydrogen compressors
  • chemical plants
  • hydrogen cooled systems e.g. generators
  • silane storage
  • fertilizer plants




  • 5 years, sensor and electronics