UV Flame Detector Type X2200


X2200 reprezents next generation of UV Flame Detectors. It is a very modern design meeting the most restrict requirements worldwide with advanced detection capabilities
Detector responds to a fire in the presence of modulated blackbody radiation (i.e. heaters, turbines). It has high false alarms rejection capability. Ideal for detecting special, non-carbon fires like hydrogen, metal and sulphur fires. It provides the same unique high-speed performace that Det-Tronics have always had in his previous models.

Detector is equipped with self checking with automatic, manual or magnetic optical integrity (Oi) testing.
Exposion-proof housing is suitable for hazardous areas as well as for indoor and outdoor applications in very harsh environment (IP66).
Three relay outputs: alarm, fault and auxillary. Version with 4-20 mA isolated is available. MODBUS RS485 communication in standard.
On detector's head there is a tricolour LED indicating normal operation, alarm and fault conditions.
Designed to meet at least Safety Integrity Level SIL-2  according to EXIDA Report.

Typical applications of X2200 UV:

  • hydrogen processing and storage
  • refinery and petrochem
  • special production and storage
  • turbines




  • 3 years, sensor and electronics