IR Gas Detector PIRECL PointWatch Eclipse


IR gas detectors PIRECL PointWatch Eclipse uses IR hydrocarbons absorption measurement technology.
Detector is immune to catalytic gas detector's poisons such as silicones and hydrides.
Routine calibration is not needed because, utilizing this technology, it is continuously self-tested and does not wear during exposition to hydrocarbons. This allows manufacturer to give 5 year warranty.

The detector works more stable and reacts faster to gas concentrations. It also continuously performs self-tests and signals fault and fouled optics conditions.
Beside the features of former version (PointWatch), Eclipse does not need transmitter or junction box to process the 4-20mA signal. Moreover it is constructed the way that zero drift does not occur during normal work.
Standard version has analog 4-20mA output with HART protocol and RS-485 communication with MODBUS protocol. Optional built-in relay packge provides two alarm relays and one fault relay.
PointWatch is compatible with R8471 controllers in gas panel or with Infiniti U 9500 transmitter as the local stand-alone measuring point. It can also send data to master device by RS-485 port or work in Dettronics Eagle Quantum Premier hazard event monitoring system.


Eclipse is ATEX certified: II 2 G EEx de [ib] IIC T4-T5.
Detector is  IEC 61508  SIL-2  certified     see   SAFETY AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT LIST by EXIDA