Gas Transmitter U9500 Infiniti


Transmitter Infiniti with CGS gas detector

The U9500 Infiniti transmitter allows local readings, provides local set-up and calibration capabilities for all kinds of Det-Tronics combustible and toxic gas detectors.
Infiniti is equipped with alphanumeric display showing gas contcentration and informing about alarm conditions and faults. Transmitter allows local programming of alarm thresholds, measuring range and cal gas concentration.
U9500 Infiniti displays sensor sensitivity and informs about sensor's end of life.
Infiniti standard output is linear isolated 4-20mA analog output proportional to gas concentration in % of LEL. It also presents the status and calibration information. Optional outputs include: three independently programmable alarm relays, one fault relay.
Transmitter allows non-intrusive single person calibration using internal magnetic switch. He is compatible with Eagle Quantum Systems.

 Transmitter has explosion-proof certification ATEX II 2 G EExd IIC T4/T5/T6.