Smoldering Fires Early Warning Detection Systems - ADICOS

IP&S company is an authorized partner of GTE Gmbh in Poland in the scope of ADICOS system products.

The early stage fire detection system ADICOS manufactured by a German company GTE Gmbh allows smoldering (flameless fire) detection before an open fire starts.
With this technology fires can be detected reliably in the smoldering stage. The system detects smoldering by multicriteria, multisensor detectors of GSME type, equipped with 2 or 3 sensors – semiconductor gas detectors. They react to small amounts of gases typical of burning and smoldering processes: carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NOx), hydrogen (H2), hydrocarbons (HC). Some of the detectors are equipped with special filters for working in very dusty conditions. There may be other sensors installed in the detector e.g. a temperature sensor as an additional criteria.

Reacting to even small amounts of combustion gases, using porous brass filter along with unique software, allowing trend analysis and setting precise alarm thresholds cause the GSME detectors to be resistant to high density dust, being at the same time sensitive enough to detect flammable product smoldering. The detectors store configuration data, sent from ADICOS Central Software installed on a service computer. The system is able to control up to 256 detectors and has a distributed memory – the detector decides about an alarm on the basis of the configuration and current data comparison and stores the detector measurement results for a week.

The ADICOS system provides a wide range of operating capabilities: it may be remotely controlled, set and serviced not only locally by the service computer but also through a phone or GSM modem as well as through the Ethernet.

For more than 5 years the ADICOS systems have been reliably used in the sope of fire protection systems in power & utility plants, cement industry, wood processing industry, mainly in Germany but also in Poland.