Tank Double Bottom Leakage Monitoring Systems

IP&S offers a complete tank leakage monitoring system.

The system is designed for double bottom leakage monitoring of: large tanks with a double bottom divided into many spaces (called tank chambers), groups of smaller one chamber double bottom tanks or a combination of the above.

The leakage monitoring system creates and then maintains underpressure in the spaces of the tank’s double bottom. More frequent increase of the pressure in one of chambers indicates an appearance of leakage.
The primary principle was to build one common system for many tanks (many chambers), consisting of: underpressure source, collector as well as electromagnetic valves and pressure sensors separate for each chamber. The whole is controlled by a controller.
Basically, the system consists of typical automation and control components, without the need of using untypical "black box" devices, being troublesome in maintenance or repair.

The advantages of such a system construction are, among others:

  • flexible design easy to fit to customer requirements
  • easy operation and maintenance of typical devices
  • easy to repair thanks to spare part availability
  • easy to extend to new tanks
  • complete information about the status of the system and components available locally or in master system

The idea of the system has been submitted to be patented.