Hazard Monitoring Addressable Loop Systems for Hazardous Areas

Eagle Quantum Premier System by Det-Tronics the newest version of unique, digital, addresable hazard monitoring system.
All kinds of detectors: gas, fire, flame and other required ones e.g. limit switches, photocells, switches as well as 4-20mA devices can be connected in an addressable loop which can wholly run in the explosion hazard zone. The loop allows the controlling of, for instance, the extinguishing agent release and the alarm signalling. Fault-tolerant communications loop supports up to 246 intelligent addressable field devices.
The system’s central unit contains a programmable logic module, analyzing sensor signals and issuing output signals to master systems or executing modules.
EQP, due to a close loop configuration, continuous self check mode as well as its built-in automatic configuration procedures – in case of failure detection, is extremely resistant to malfunction.
The system ensures instant alarm status and detected failure information as well as the access to the event history log, saved in the detector distributed memory.

System is FM/CSA/CENELEC/CE approved.
Main components: EQP panel, flame detector X-3301 and gas detector PIRECL Eclipse are IEC61508 certified for Safety Integrity Level SIL-2  applications.