Integrated Flame Scanner 95DSS3-1 Insight II


  • Fully microprocessor based integrated UV/IR flame scanners
  • Two solid state detectors: UV (295 – 320 nm), IR (700 – 1 700 nm)
  • Continuous operation, elctronic self checking Fail Safe
  • Very high discrimination capabilities in difficult multiburner and multifuel environment - good for all applications
  • Two scanners in one – two independently adjustable Flame Relays e.g. for two fuels, for pilot/igniter and main burner or for start and normal operating conditions
  • Independent settings on each Flame Relay: selection of sensor  IR, UV or both, 21 choices of modulation frequency, adjustable sensor gain, Flame Failure Response Time (FFRT) 1 to 4 seconds, separate settings of relay ON and OFF thresholds , 4-20mA separate for each relay
  • Universal standard/ATEX enclosure with changeable parts:
    -  programming module with interface and VFD display or infrared transmitter module with status LED's communicating with hand held remote communication tool,
    -  module cover with window for ATEX versions or fixing ring for standard version with modules
  • Automatic aiming – function AIM SCANNER
  • Auto Config capability with Manual Config override allows the learning of flame ON conditions and background OFF conditions with optional separate OFF conditions learning for both Flame Relays independently. 
  • 4 selectable Memory Files for saving the settings of both Flame Relays for different conditions
  • User Interface Module: two-line 16-character alpha-numeric VFD display and 5 push-button password protected keypad enable the user to view and change operating parameters and select setpoints
  • In case of possible scanner overheating, long distance to flame or tilting burner the fiber optic assembly is available
  • Supply 24 VDC
  • Outputs: two independent Flame Relays NO/NC, Fault Relay NO, two independent 4–20 mA signals for each flame relay
  • Temperature rating -40 to +65°C
  • FM MODBUS remote communication with Fireye Explorer software is available
  • Explosion proof version ATEX Ex d IIC T6
  • Approvals: FM, UL, DIN-DVGW, CE  
  • Designed to meet Safety Integrity Level SIL-3  according to EXIDA Report

                                                                       scanner Insight II with display module

                                                             infrared transmitter module remote communication tool