Integrated Flame Scanner 105F1-1 Paragon


  • Fully microprocessor based integrated IRáflame scanneráand flame analyzis device
  • Twoásolid state IRádetectors: one for flame frequency characteristic analyzis second for flame temperature measurement
  • Paragon measures the amplitude of the modulation - "flame flicker" in the targeted flame over the wide frequencyáárange, analyzes the fit of the measured flame characteristics with the learned one stored in the memory and also measures the average flame temperature within the field of view of the scannerá
  • Continuous operation, elctronic self checking Fail Safe,áfault relayásignals the faults detectedáby the scannerá
  • Very high discrimination capabilities inádifficult fossil fuels combustion chamber environmentsá
  • The temperature measurement helps in combustion optimizationá
  • Scanner during the set-up procedure learns the flame frequency/amplitude profile and determines the gain, optimum ON/OFF flame relay thresholds and other parameters necessary for the best flame discriminationá
  • FastáFourier Transform is used to build the real time flame characteristics and compare them with stored, theálearned ones
  • In case of possible scanner overheating, long distance to flame or tilting burner the fiber opticáassembly is availableá
  • Flame Failure Response Time (FFRT) 1 to 4áseconds
  • Two sets of 8 LED's and 4 status LED's show flame signal, flame temperature, relay status and scanner status as well asámode of operation
  • 4 push-button password protected keypad enable the user to change operating parameters and select setpointsá
  • Supply 24 VDC
  • Outputs: Flame Relay NO/NC, Fault Relay NO, Flame Temperature Relay NO, 4–20 mA signals: one for flame strength one for flame temperature
  • Temperature rating -40 to +65░C or extended temperature versioná+10 to +85░C
  • FM MODBUS remoteácommunication with Fireye Explorer software is available, Paragon Explorer software allows the temperature measurement settings
  • Approvals: FM, UL, DIN-DVGW, CE
  • Designed to meet Safety Integrity Level SIL-2