Electrochemical Toxic Gas Detector Series GT-3000



Electrochemical toxic gas detectors series GT3000 are designed to provide continuous monitoring of the atmosphere for potentially hazardous leaks of toxic gases: H2S, H2, NH3, CO, Cl2, SO2, NO2 or oxygen depletion.
Transmitter circuitry contained within the sensor steel housing generates a 4-20 mA output signal with HART that is proportional to the concentration of the target gas. The sensor module is changeable.
Sensor transmitter equipped with the LED diode and magnetical switch allows the one-person calibration without the zone declassification.
Electrochemical sensor cell provides improved accuracy, high stability and reliability

Detectors can be paired with other Dettronics devices: transmitter U9500 Infiniti, universal display UD10R8471 controllers and loop addressable system Eagle Quantum Premier.
They can also work with other devices able to read 4-20mA outputs.
Detector has explosion proof certificate ATEX II 2(1)G Exd mb IIC T4.