Hydrogen Sulphide Gas Detector type NTMOS


The Det-Tronics NTMOS H2S detector can detect the poisonous gas concentration in less than five seconds - T50 < 5 s ! 
This is 6 times faster than the ISA standard - NTMOS is the fastest detector on the market 
This means two - three breaths less in deadly hydrogen sulphide atmosphere.
Every second counts . . .

The electochemical NTMOS detector is designed for H2S hydrogen sulphide detection.
Utilizing the MOS nanotechnology detector offers repeatable detection abilities in extreme conditions: high and low temperatures, high humidity or dusty desert conditions  - where electrochemical sensing technologies are nor preferred.
Detector consist of the rugged housing including the electronc circuit and sensing element protected by a sintered stainless steel flame arrestor.
The linear 4-20mA output signal corresponds to H2S concentration 0-100 ppm.
Detector offers high accuracy, stability and selectivity and also extended lifetime.

NTMOS can be paired with following Dettronics display/control devices: FlexVu UD10 universal display with HART protocol and remote/local termination, calibration and display,  local termination box GDTB for local termination and calibration, Eagle Quantum Premier adressable loop system through AIM i DCU modules and R8471 single-channel controller for single point detection.
NTMOS is also compatible with other devices able to read and analyze the 4-20mA signal.
Detector has explosion proof certificate ATEX II2 G Exd IIC T5.

 NTMOS detector with Universal Display FlexVu UD10