Universal Display type FlexVu UD10


Universal Display FlexVu Model UD10  with NTMOS H2S detector

The FlexVu Model UD10 Universal Display is a display and communicator for wide range of toxic and combustible gas sensors.
FlexVu performs as a gas transmitter and controller. 
It provides non-intrusive calibration and device configuration using hand-held magnetic tool (4 magnetic switches on display panel) or Fieldbus communicator, local navigation and adjustment of parameters like alarm thresholds, measurement range, calibration gas concentration, local event logging.
Its equipped with backlit and heated LCD display which continuously displays the gas level, gas type, unit measured and informs about supply status, alarm levels and faults.   The display has real time clock and alarm and fault memory.
UD10 informs about the sensor degree of wear and tear.
The display outputs: 4-20 mA with HART (linear isolated corresponds with gas concentration, information about device status), Modbus RS485, relays: 3 independently programmed alarm relays, one fault relay.

UD10 allows one person non-intrusive calibration - without zone declassification. 
Universal Display works with detectors: PointWatch PIR9400 or Eclipse PIRECL, Open Path Eclipse OPECL, catalytic combustible CGS, toxic gas detectors GT3000, C706X and NTMOS. It can also co-operate with addressable loop hazard monitoring system Eagle Quantum Premier
It is rated ATEX II 2 G EExd IIC T6 for hazardous areas.