Intelligent Infrared Temperature Detectors HOTSPOT

IP&S is the authorized distributor in Poland of ADICOS system products manufactured by GTE Gmbh.

The early stage fire detection system ADICOS allows smoldering (flameless fire) detection before an open fire starts. Now the system has been supplemented with a new family of detectors that allow for the temperature monitoring of the objects. They can be plugged in the ADICOS system utilizing the same software - ADICOS Central Software. The variety of configuration options allows to fit the detectors to every specific application.

- is an IR-thermometer with innovative infrared measurement technology combined with an intelligent signal evaluation:

  • the integrated infrared sensor is available in different resolution variants: 4x4, 16x16 lub 32x31 heat sensitive pixels
  • each of sensing fields can be parametrized individually - alarm thresholds, areas of reference temparature and ignore areas
  • the fast reaction time 0,1 seconds enables the system to detect hotspots on running conveyor belts
  • angle of view depending on detector variant: 41ox32o to 53ox52o - enables the relatively wide monitoring area from the distance of 5 meters
  • available in ATEX zone 22



  • coal and biomass conveyor systems in power plants, heating plants, wood processing plants, pulp mills etc.
  • detection of hot spots on running conveyor belts
  • preventive temperature monitoring of machines - electric drivers, bearings, gears the alarm can be created before overheating