Industrial Burners Installations

We offer:

The offer covers consulting, designing, delivery, services, including

  • Burner Management Systems, control systems and certified safety systems, with programming, start-up and optimization
  • supplying of fuel, air, atomizing media trains, with measuring, control, safety installations, pipes, cables, valves & fittings, other materials
  • manufacturing and assembling of e.g. retractors, construction elements, related to burners and supply installations, cabinets
  • commissioning, start-up and optimization
  • approvals of notified body e.g. Polish Technical Inspection CLDT, UDT

Our offer includes devices by companies which we are authorized distributors:


FIREYE Inc. - World leading manufacturer of range of burner safety control systems from steam raising applications in commercials and process plants to multi burner systems in petrochemical, paper and power utility plants.
Company was established in 40-ties, have authorized distributors in over 70 countries and hundreds of thousands of installations around the World and many in Poland.


FORNEY Corp. - a burner company, founded in 1927. It is well known around the World for its high energy spark, gas and oil igniters, wide capacity range gas and oil burners.
Many igniters, mainly high energy spark igniters have been used in Polish heaters and boilers.
Apart from producing igniters and industry burners for typical installations the company has invaluable experience in the production of duct burner systems, fluid boiler burners, Low-Nox burner systems, burner controls and safeguard systems (BMS), flame detection systems, continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS) and analyzers.