Burner Controls & Management Systems

Our offer comprises burner automation and control systems including interlock devices, among others – Flame Safeguard Systems by FIREYE

We ensure the proper selection of equipment, commissioning, start-up and the optimization of devices and installations.

Our offer includes the following FIREYE devices:

Single Burner Controls: ranging from the simpliest flame relay module MBCE or control MSeries II to microprocessor based Flame MonitorTM type, BurnerLogixTM and NEXUS with the capability of direct fuel and air amount control and O2 trim, working with scanners UV1A (UV), 48PT2 (IR), flame rod 69ND1 or self checking scanners UV (45UV5-1007) and IR.

Flame Safeguard Systems for Multi Burner Environment: sophisticated high technology flame scanners for continuous operation burners which accurately detect the presence or absence of flame:

The newest integrated FIREYE scanners use microprocessor based technology and specialized software. This makes instant digital signal processing possible which allows: scanning flame frequency characteristics in real time, comparing them with the flame signature, automatic scanner self adjustment as well as setting flame quality evaluation parameters.
Thanks to RS communication port these parameters are available in control system. Information from the scanners allow burner control & balancing and helps in maintenance.

The newest FIREYE scanners are the UV/IR 95DSS3-1 Insight II  with unique discrimination and communication features and 105F1-1 Paragon designed for flame discrimination and burner combustion control - balancing utilizing flame temperature measurement.

FIREYE Flame Safeguard Systems are the most commonly used ones in World as well as in Poland in wide applications : power & utility, petrochem & refining industry, industrial process heating, pulp & paper and chemical industry.