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Products & Services
       Fire Detection & Fighting Systems
             Intelligent Infrared Temperature Detectors HOTSPOT
       Industrial Burners Installations
             Burner Controls & Management Systems
                   Integrated Flame Scanners 65UV5-1004E Simplicity
                   Amplifiers 25SU3-2000
                   Amplifiers 25SU3-5166/5168
                   Flame Relay Module MBCE
                   Flame Rod 69ND1
                   Flame Safeguard Controls Flame MonitorTM E210
                   Flame Safeguard Controls MSeries II
                   Flame Scanners 48PT2
                   Flame Scanners UV1A6
                   Integrated Burner Control BurnerLogixTM
                   Integrated Flame Scanner 105F1-1 Paragon
                   Integrated Flame Scanner 95DSS3-1 Insight II
                   Integrated Flame Scanners 85UVF/85IRF Phoenix
                   Integrated Flame Scanners 95UV/95IR/95DS Insight
                   IR Flame Scanners 45RM4-1001
                   UV Flame Scanners 45UV5-1007
                   UV Flame Scanners 45UV5-1101
             Ignition Systems for Burners, Complete low NOx Oil and Gas Burner Installations
                   Electrical High Energy Spark Igniters FORNEY HESI 90
                   Gas Igniters FORNEY MAXFire®
                   Oil Igniters FORNEY DURAFire®
       Combustible & Toxic Gases Detection Systems
             Acoustic Gas Leak Detection System
             Industrial Fire Detection Systems
                   IR Flame Detector Type PM-5MPX Dual Spectrum®
                   IR Flame Detector Type X9800
                   Triple IR Flame Detector Type X3301 Protect•IR
                   Triple IR Flame Detector Type X3302 Protect•IR
                   UV Flame Detector Type X2200
                   UV/IR Flame Detector Type X5200
             Industrial Combustible & Toxic Gases Detection Systems
                   Hydrogen Sulphide Gas Detector type NTMOS
                   Catalytic Gas Detectors Series CGS
                   Electrochemical Toxic Gas Detector Series GT-3000
                   Gas Controller R8471
                   Gas Transmitter U9500 Infiniti
                   IR Gas Detector Open-Path Eclipse
                   IR Gas Detector PIR9400 PointWatch
                   IR Gas Detector PIRECL PointWatch Eclipse
                   Universal Display type FlexVu UD10
             Hazard Monitoring Addressable Loop Systems for Hazardous Areas
             Smoldering Fires Early Warning Detection Systems - ADICOS
             Coal Fire and Explosion Pre-ignition Detection Systems in Coal Transport, Storage & Process Installations
       Tank Double Bottom Leakage Monitoring Systems
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