Early Fire Hazards Detection System ADICOS®

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The Company IP&S is an authorized partner of GTE Gmbh in Poland and a distributor of the Advanced Discovery System  ADICOS®.
It is specially designed for fire detection on coal, biomass and waste material transportation, storage, processing installations.

For more than 10 years the ADICOS® systems have been used in the sope of fire protection systems in power & utility plants, cement industry, wood processing industry  in Poland.

The ADICOS® system enables detection of following hazards:

  • detection of smoldering (flameless fire) of coal, biomass, waste materials and alternative fuels before the occurrence of open fire by means of:
    • multi-criteria, multi-sensor fire gas detectors type GSME equipped with semiconductor sensors of fire gases, such as carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NOx), hydrogen (H2), hydrocarbons (HC). GSME detectors are resistant to high dust concentration at a sensitivity level sufficient for early detection of smoldering of flammable materials and flame fires.

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    • ADICOS FIRELASERlinear laser spectroscope detectors with a detection path up to 100 m long, using CO2 laser beam in IR band. The measurement of fire gases absorption is carried out based on spectroscopic analysis of the beam and is therefore immune to dust, dirt and humidity in the air.
    • other special gas and temperature detectors

  • detection of hot spots like ember, smoldering or overheated material transported on conveyors and stored in silo, bunkers, heaps as well as monitoring of temperature of machinery, engines, gear boxes and other devices in order to detect overheating by means of:
    • smart IR array thermometer detectors type HOTSPOT 1000. Measurement by 32x31 thermopile array sensor. These sensors perform thermal imaging of the object and allow to set the alarm-triggering temperature threshold for each cell.

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GSME HOTSPOT aplikacja ENG 1609 x 1027

The detectors store configuration data sent from the ADICOS® Central Software installed on a service computer. It allows support for up to 256 detectors.
The system has distributed memory - the detector decides about the alarm based on a comparison of configuration data with current values and remembers the measured values for one week.
The ADICOS system offers intelligent signal evaluation and wide operation and control capabilities

The BMZ-30 control panel  is a compact central unit which communicates with all GSME, HOTSPOT and FIRELASER units via the ADICOS® M-Bus and displays and evaluates their states. It allows to group detectors and to create alarm rules.
It provides communication signals for up to 127 ADICOS® detectors and builds the interface link between the ADICOS® installation and the service-PC. This connection is based on RS-232 serial interface by default - ethernet and conventional modem extension modules are available.

BMZ 30


M-BUS Master XF is another type of master unit for the ADICOS® System, which also provides similar communication signals but for more detectors - up to 256 ADICOS® detectors. The other difference is that M-BUS Master do not have an interface. 
It has ingress protection rating IP65 so it can be mounted on installation.

System can be remotely-controlled and supervised through ADICOS® Central Software not only on site by means of a service PC computer, but also via a phone or GSM modem or Ethernet network card.

ADICOS diagram


  • coal and biomass transport systems, conveyors and installations in buildings at power and co-generation stations, cellulose processing / paper production and wood processing plants, waste and food processing installations and other production facilities,
  • storehouses, bunkers and silos for storage of coal, biomass, alternative fuels and waste material dumps,
  • storage and production facilities where fire detection by means of conventional detectors is impossible or largely impaired due to the presence of dust, humidity or steam.

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